Joke and Nandor Aandewiel
We are Joke and Nandor, a Dutch couple living on Zakynthos since 2008.
Zakynthos is a beautiful green island in the Ionian Sea in western Greece with warm summers and pleasantly mild winters.

Our choice for Zakynthos was determined because we fell for this island during a short vacation. On a return visit, we decided to buy land here and have a house built. The peace, the beautiful nature and the friendliness of the islanders had taken us for good. There are also good connections with the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, enough direct flights from Zakynthos and plenty of ferry services to the mainland.

We have spent wonderful years on Zakynthos and enjoyed it very much. Now we are in a next phase of our lives and have decided to live in the Netherlands again. We currently miss the presence of our children, grandchildren, further family and friends too much.